BBQ Meats

We will prepare all of the food off-site and deliver to your party.  We setup and leave, you serve the food and cleanup.  $35.00 Delivery Fee outside of Loudoun County.



Pulled Pork

Dry rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Pork Rub (blend of 8 spices), injected with an apple juice based marinade, slow smoked and mopped.  Smoked with hickory wood.


Pulled Smoked Chicken

Dry rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Chicken Rub, then slow smoked with hickory wood.


Beef Brisket

Dry rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Brisket Rub (blend of 10 spices) then injected with a special marinade, slow smoked and mopped for 10+ hours with hickory wood.


Beef Brisket Burnt Ends

After smoking for 10+ hours, the point of the brisket is removed, cut into 1” squares, glazed and smoked for another 2 hours. {Limited Availability}


Ribs - Dry rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Rib Rub and slow smoked with hickory wood.

Pork Baby Back

St. Louis Cut


Beef Ribs - Dry rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Beef Rub and slow smoked with hickory. 

Short Ribs

Big ‘Meat’ Bones {Limited Availability}


Pastrami - Cured and rubbed with ResQ-BBQ Pastrami Rub (blend of 8 spices) then slow smoked and mopped for 10+ hours with hickory wood.


ResQ Chicken - Wet rubbed with either a spicy rub or our ResQ BBQ Sauce and smoked to perfection. (Legs, Whole Wings, or Boneless/Skinless Thighs)

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